Worth Fighting For

When my kids were small and I was loving them forward into fruitful, balanced, loving adults, I used to carefully pick my battles. Because you just can’t address every.single.thing and stay sane. The whole household would have collapsed. So I chose what was absolutely non-negotiable and stuck to it. It worked well.

Not everything is worth our attention, our energy, our time, our very selves. Not everything is worth fighting for. A good seat on an airplane is not; my child’s respect is. So in no particular order, here are some of the things that I consider worth fighting for.

  • The truth of the Word of God.  The Word is the power that holds all things together, and if I do not stand my ground on this one, nothing else will work in life.


  • Abused, neglected, forgotten children. They cannot speak up for themselves, they cannot defend themselves. Someone has to.


  • My grand-children’s future— and this encompasses almost too much, from a peaceful place to live to a faith that is alive as well to enough financial security.


  • Time for growth. If I do not grow, I die. It’s that simple.


  • My marriage. It is the most beautiful of all of my possessions, it has been carved in gold, pressured like coal that turns into a diamond, graced with so much tenderness and joy, and it is my home here on earth.


  • Women who never had a chance. This is a big one for me… They need to be told that they are worthy of life, they need to have someone hold their hand and teach them the basic life skills so that they can shine the way God intended them to.


  • Unity between brethren; because that’s where God lives.


Oh, may I have grace and courage to stand up for what is worth fighting for.

Your list might be very different than mine. But please, I implore you, have a list. Otherwise, we are the living dead.

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  1. A wonderful post. Yes, may we decide to fight for the battles which are important to our God and to us as well. Our lives truly do depend on it. Grateful to have stopped here today!


  2. Such wisdom in this post. Yes, we must be alert to care for those who are innocent and can’t always help themselves. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.


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