Identity Theft

I have never been a victim of identity theft, but I have had a friend who dealt with this–and let me tell you, that was not fun at all for her! It actually changed her life, forced her to make decisions she did not want to make; and it cost her lots of money and time!

To be perfectly honest, I am quite thrilled that I never had to experience what she did. And I must say, I am somewhat ornery about it–I’ve been so careful who sees my credit card, who has my personal information, etc… My carefulness kept me safe. Or so I thought.

No, no one stole my social security number or my credit card number. Yet the other day, to my horror, I realized that my identity had indeed been stolen. I felt naked, violated, shamed, powerless. This was a very, very deep theft– the truth of who I am had been stolen from me.

I noticed it when I needed to ask God for something, and there was no assurance in my heart that He could or would hear me. My identity as the righteousness of God in Christ had been seriously compromised. Not that I no longer am the  righteousness of God in Christ, that can never be taken from me, but when I don’t know it, it doesn’t serve me too well.

Next, I looked in the mirror of what I thought was my life, and my thoughts about myself were less than lovely. My identity as a beloved daughter of the King had been seriously compromised. not that I no longer am His beloved daughter, that can never be taken from me, but when I don’t walk as such, it doesn’t serve me too well.


This went on and on, like peeling off layers of an onion. Layer after layer, I found out that I no longer stood on the truth of the Word, or I simply had no idea of who I truly was in God.

Ignorance is not bliss.

Ignorance steals from us our very identity and leads us to darkness. Forgetfulness messes with who we perceive ourselves to be. And none of this is by accident; it is by design.

My friend John used to say, “remember whose you are.” Wise words.


Don’t let go.

Don’t let anyone or any circumstance steal the truth from you. Because the reality is, we have a real enemy. But he is not like the thieves who steal our identities down here. Down here, it’s a one time deal–all of a sudden, it’s stolen. And everything is messed up. No, this enemy of our souls, he is crafty. He steals little by little, in such small increments that we don’t really notice until we are a hot mess of forgetfulness and our soul is unsettled at its core. And it’s way more costly than the other kind of identity theft–it leaves us lost, and naked and debilitated.

I did recover. I found the truth about myself again and have applied it to my soul. One little choice at a time, I remembered Whose I am. It is well with me. But it was painful.

Don’t do it. Stay vigilant–your enemy prowls about seeking whom he may devour. Remember whose you are and stand firm.


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  1. I love the way you put this together and yes, we must take care not to lose our Identity in Christ. Although we have not suffered ID theft in the natural, we have had sinful people take our number off a sale, and make purchases. Fortunately the Credit card company called us and asked us which were not our purchases. Then cancelled the card and issued a new one. Praise God. Loved your post and thanks for sharing here at Tell me a Story.


  2. I can totally relate to you. I’ve had my identity stolen not one, but TWICE, and it is absolutely awful. The process of cleaning up all the damage that has been done is a nightmare! Glad to see that you still had a positive outlook in the end.


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