Dress Rehearsal

“This is not a dress rehearsal.”

This is my friend’s Kathy’s favorite saying. She brings it up every time I wonder if I should do this or that… and most often, it puts everything back in perspective for me.

When I wondered whether to buy my hubby a slightly expensive Christmas gift, she asked, “do you have the money saved up for it?” When my answer was “yes,” she then said, “This is not a dress rehearsal, you know. You only get one go at it.” And it was all settled.

When I am not sure if I should take the time out of my busy schedule to love on someone, I hear her voice in my head, “this is not a dress rehearsal, you know.” And my decision is made.

So, in no particular order, here are a few things that we all need to consider. Because after all, “This is not a dress rehearsal!”

  • When someone is talking to you, LISTEN. Really listen. Let them see that you are listening. They will remember that their voice mattered to you. Because if you don’t, they will remember that their voice did not matter to you.


  • When choosing between making extra money (meaning, all your normal expenses are covered) and spending time with your family, remember, “this is not a dress rehearsal.”


  • Do what you do right the first time. Don’t think in view of “I can always do it again.” Think in view of “this is my one go at it.” Whether you are scrubbing your floors, building a sandcastle or writing a novel.


  • Have to decide whether to have that amazing decadent dessert? The answer depends on what you want as your outcome: then full enjoyment of the moment with no guilt, or the flatter tummy tomorrow morning? There is no right answer, it’s just a matter of your choice in view of your life right now.


  • Don’t run from the crucial conversations necessary in your life. They will probably be painful for the moment, but they will ensure a future worth having. Communicate fully, be transparent wherever it is appropriate, do your best to understand the person in front of you, because you know is as well as I do, bad communication is unkind. For you and for them.


  • Even though we often live as though we were invincible and immortal, we really are not. And we are not given the date of our departure. So live like it is for real, enjoy the little things, savor the big things, weep deep if you need to but then go on. Because you know, this is not a dress rehearsal. Cemetaries are full of people who lived without living, who died without fulfilling their purpose. Make the dash between your birth date and your death date count.



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  1. Yes, what is really important – chose to do that and do it well. Thank you for your wise words shared here at Tell me a Story. I love your friend and I shall remember her saying. “This is not a dress rehearsal.”


  2. Such an important reminder. Life is not a dress rehearsal. I need to remember that. Thank you for this encouraging post. Blessed to be your neighbor over at Testimony Tuesday this week.


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