“I don’t know how I feel about all of this,” she said, “but I know I want the cancer out of my body.”

“It doesn’t belong in there, you know? And it’s growing, a little every day, wanting to overpower all of the good cells in there, seeking to swallow me whole. It’s got to go.”

And right now, that means removing a body part. Cutting out a part of herself. Actually discarding a chunk of her. Will that make her less herself, she wonders. Will she forget that the body part is gone, and reach out for it out of habit? How does one move gracefully when  one is lop-sided?

It’s not easy to give a hug over the phone. Sometimes, you just need your friends right there next to you, a reminder that they plan to shoulder your burden with you every step of the way.

So we get together, and we don’t talk about the C word. We fill our sentences with memories that make us giggle and remind us that life is worth living, we fill our tummies with pizza–greasy carbs that make us feel good for the moment, and we breathe deep together, remembering that God is good all the time and He never ever leaves us, even when the present and the future are a bit scary. Or absolutely terrifying. And we don’t really have answers to all the questions of our hearts.

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And God, He calls us to trust Him.

We get some more information the next week, and it makes us shake a bit. What are you saying Lord? Will we need to walk upon the waters where feet may fail? We know we are anything but alone, but it kind of feels a little lonely right now. Or absolutely devastating.

And God, He calls us to trust Him.

So we pour over the Word, and we thank the Lord for David, so real, so transparent, so honest with his God–this David who walked through the depth of despair knowing that joy comes in the morning; this David who told his soul to remember all of God’s goodness and chose to joy himself with truth. This David whose heart pleased the Lord to no end.

And God, He calls us to trust Him.

We are going to walk the road ahead of us with our heads held high and our hearts kept tucked into His presence under the shadow of His wings, one day at a time, one hour at a time, one minute at a time when needed. And we are going to keep our eyes fixed on Him to protect our minds from the cruel lies of this world.

We’ll walk through the Red Sea together, and we will see Him wall up the waters for us.

Because He calls us to trust Him.


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