The night is falling and the birds are singing their evening song… there is a lovely peace in the air at the end of the day. We sit quietly, taking it all in. It’s been a busy day, you know, and we didn’t really take the time to think about much more than the tasks at end. Never took the time to be.

This moment, it feels like a sweet reward at the end of it all.

“Three good things,” I hear a voice in my heart.

“Three good things,” I say. “Tell me three good things that happened today. Or three good things that you are thankful for today.”

“Ok,” he answers. “Let me see… Number one, I was able to help a guy out at work who was having issues with his phone. Number two, we got the rain we needed. And number three,” he smiles at me, “this moment with you right now.”


And thus a new habit was born. Most nights, one of us will say it.

Three good things.

And we begin to remember. And some days, we just can’t stop at three. And some days, it’s challenging to think of three–that’s when we realize we need to speak out at least ten.

And thus a new way is being formed in us. It takes so little time, yet it reframes the day. It takes so little time, yet it changes us  from the inside out.

It’s telling the truth. It’s remembering the truth. It’s painting the canvas of life with sun, and splashes and vibrant colors.

Three good things.


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