When they met for the first time, they were barely grown-ups, young men in the military trying to figure out where they wanted to go in life. Half serious about serving their country, they wound up in Germany together, and befriended each other.

When they last saw each other, they had four years of military under their belts and had done some growing up. Doing life together in a house for the last three years, they all were new Christians trying to figure out what that all meant, this “walking with God” stuff. There had been lots of laughter mixed with a few tears, lots of praying, lots of deep discussion and silliness over stinky cheese and German words,  lots of midnight worship and everything in between.

Boys becoming men, one verse at a time. Boys becoming men, one discipline at a time. Boys becoming men, one friendship at a time.

One by one, they left Germany . Some had found European wives, others were leaving alone. They traveled back home, and started life on this side of the ocean. A few phone calls at first, a few Christmas cards, and then life just happened and wives and babies and baseball games. And the babies grew up and had babies themselves.

And forty years later, they all got together.



How does one catch up on forty years in forty eight hours?

Lots of laughter at first, and reminiscing on the epic stinky cheese episode and falling down the stairs from joy. Then they caught up about each other’s lives, and the kids and grand-kids, and the pains and the bragging. And Jesus, He remained the thread that kept them going all these years. Through the deepest joys and unspeakable pains.

Monika bakes Nussecken, and they all delight in the taste of the past.


One of them doesn’t walk too easily anymore. And this other one, he had a few heart attacks. Marriages have been attacked, and two of them didn’t make it through. And in the midst, some are poor and some are millionaires. And they all see that Jesus, He is the only thread that keeps them united as one.

These boys, they are now seasoned men. And every one of them, in their own way, they all discovered the same treasures. They all have learned the power of patience, they all understand the price of joy.

They each know that Jesus, He is the only thread that holds us together.


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