The Lessons of Diamonds

I once wrote about how diamonds are made out of coal. Back then, I was enamored with this revelation–diamonds, one of the most sought after precious stones, were made out of  one of the most common earth material. And I marveled at God’s wisdom, and how He uses nature to show us heavenly realities that we might otherwise not grasp. He truly takes the seemingly worthless and makes it beautiful.


But lately, I am being turned into a diamond myself, and the lessons keep coming, jumping out of the theoretical world into the nitty gritty of my own life, like the waves of the ocean, building upon one another, creating a new normal for me.

Here are a few of my newest nuggets:

  • The change happens ever so slowly, similar to the metamorphosis of a larva into a butterfly. It is imperceptible to the naked eye, happening over a long period of time. It’s like losing weight, you know? The progress feels slow like thick molasses, but one day, the mirror smiles big at you and you wonder how it actually happened
  • Things are not as they seem. Coals certainly have no likeness to diamonds, and my situation at times feels nothing like it could be the hand of God. But time reveals truth, doesn’t it? Looking back, I always see His perfect timing, direction and plan in the situations I have been in.’
  • The refining is made possible by the pressure applied. It is so with the coal, and it is so with me as well. Pressure makes me feel like I will crack under it, like there isn’t any more room to breathe, but as I am being squeezed to my limit, the uglies are being pulled out, and the beautiful emerges.
  • The making of a diamond takes time. Oh, don’t we all wish it could happen faster? But it’s in the very making that we become that diamond. There is no skipping the process, because there is no diamond without the process.
  • There is no magic in becoming a diamond, but lots of yielding. No magic wand was ever waved, no pixie dust ever dusted over me. But there is a lot of letting go, a lot of standing under the pressure, tons of reminding myself to breathe deep and keep going, tons of yielding to that same pressure I stand under.
  • Last but not least, something remarkable is happening: as I become a diamond, I am starting to think like a diamond and my purpose changes. Because diamonds don’t think like chunks of coal. Their usefulness is no more important than that of coal, yet they see with different eyes. With a wider view. And I like it.

Dust to coal to diamond through pressure and yielding. May this continue to be my life.

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  1. I enjoyed your examples of coal and the process to become a diamond. Your post caused me to also think of the irritant in the shell of the oyster, so he secretes and covers it until the pain turns into a pearl. Thank you so much for sharing with us here at Tell me a Story.

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  2. I enjoyed this. Want to hear something else crazy about diamonds? They are not the rarest gemstone on the earth. Rubies are, and God says His girls are worth more than rubies. That just blows my mind!

    I found you through the Monday’s Musings linkup at What Joy is Mine and am now following you. I’d love to have you stop by my place sometime. I write to encourage women to love God with their minds at .


  3. Barbara – so glad to be your neighbor today at #TestimonyTuesday … I often feel like the lump of coal than the diamond, but know that God see’s me and what I am going through and He is shaping me from the coal to the diamond. I appreciate your analogies too thanks for sharing 🙂


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