When God opened my Eyes

It’s funny, you know, the things you think you know.

You know that God is good. You know that He’s got your back. You know that He loves you. Of course, He loves you. He is God, right? He’s got to love you–it’s in the job description.

And you walk with Him, day in and day out. And you get to know Him more, day in and day out. With me, it’s all about the walks. I lace my shoes, I put the harness on my big dog and we leave for the woods. There, I tell Him everything. I yell, I sing, I cry, I worship, I listen. I hear the birds declare His glory and I join them. I hear the leaves make a joyful noise to Him and I concur. I see the majestic trees display His worth and I laugh.

I come ready to be with Him and He invites me into His place. He makes room for me, right there, in the woods He created.

He holds a space for me.

So as the days turn into weeks, the summer turn to fall and the fall brings the heavy snow. And I get to know Him deeper. And I realize that what I thought I knew, I did not know at all. But I am beginning to know Him. And I start to sense His personality, and His likes and dislikes. And He even introduces me to His pleasure. Pleasure in His people. Pleasure in me.

He pleasures over me.

So as the days turn into weeks, the heavy silence of snow gives way to an awakening. I hear the birds declare His majesty again, and my awareness of His presence grows a bit more.  And at a deeper level, I realize that what I thought I knew, I did not know at all. But I am okay with that. Because I am beginning to know Him.And He is delightful.

What an adventure He is.

And then, one day, as I let one increment of His presence after another affect me all the way to the core of me, one day I begin to see. He gives birth in me to new eyes.


Eyes that see His utter care in the darkest of situation. Eyes that see His little love notes everywhere. Eyes that understand what seemed impossible. Eyes that see His signature in the pain, and the loss, and the joy, and the laughter. Eyes that see the answer to what had seemed an unanswered plea. Eyes that see Him.

I see Him in the intricate. The complicated. The utterly simple. And I can hardly take the love. And I realize that what I thought I knew, I did not know at all. But I am getting to know Him.

Oh, for the grace to dare to know Him more.

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  1. Oh this is magnificent! Me, I take my camera to the parks. I wander and wonder and see Him in all the tiny nuances of nature. A dried leaf where a tiny snail has crawled on for a ride is a treasure he has shown me. So yes, I can understand your walks and talks with Him. Love your words of discovery and celebration in Him.
    Thank you for sharing. Happy trails.


  2. This was beautifully written. I was on that walk with you and certainly realized that I need to spend more time becoming close to HIM again. Thank you for this.


  3. Your words are like music to my soul. I can visualize you in your woods, laughing, crying, singing, shouting, and praising the Lord. Yes, those times are when we can let go of ourselves and bask in his beauty. Thank you for sharing with us here at Tell me a story.


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