Curiosity, this innate desire to learn or know more about something, it is a wonderful gift.

When we are curious about something, we ask questions, we look more intently, we dig in, we read, we experiment, we try, we fail, we succeed, we make progress.

When we are curious about something, we are alive to life around us. We are alive to truth. Curiosity brings us new information, new ways of thinking, new understanding, new experiences, new thoughts, new possibilities, new realms of growth.

When we are curious about something, we expand our world.


And when we expand our world, we become more open to other thoughts, other ideas, other people.

A personal world expansion forces us out of our comfortable box; it makes us consider what we have considered as “the way things are,” and the truths that we have based our very existence on. And what needs to shake shakes. And what is rock solid remains.

Being curious stirs up the waters deep inside.

I used to be afraid of what curiosity might bring up. Because truthfully, curiosity can be most uncomfortable at times. But the years have taught me to not fear the questions, to not run from the stirrings within, the deep existential questions that might arise. Because the questions, they need to be answered. And the answers, they make us more settled on what is so. And should they stir up a water a bit more than what I wanted, this is then a sign to me that what I thought was settled isn’t quite settled yet. So I dig deeper, I ask more questions, I look more intently.

Because the truth, it holds up all on its own. When all is said and done, it simple shines brighter.


We are a group of women who help each other stay accountable as we learn to #ownourlives. You are welcomed to join us here.

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