Opposite Sides of the Fence

In 2014, my sister’s two Palestinian sons faced war, and my heart was ripped apart.

At the beginning of 2017, my sister and I, we still live on different continents, and we again stand on two opposite sides of the political world we live  in.

I see things one way, she sees the safety of her children threatened by imminent decisions of our governements.  Everyone’s feelings are hightened by social medial and the news–indignation runs rampid, words fly too fast, emotions are raw.

And I love her while my heart is breaking for us.


And my mother, she has grand-children on both sides of the fence.

And I’ve run out of words.


But one thing I know: Love never fails

I pray that my love will be enough to create a bridge between the two sides. I pray that the fence would have no deadly jaggers woven within, that we might take it down despite fundamentally opposite beliefs.

I pray for a miracle.


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