Loving on You

Here I smile at the thought of you, a new life to cherish, to shape, to nourish. A new life to fill with the awareness that you have been loved before you ever were, that you are loved right now, and you will be loved when you mess up big time. Loved with a love that does not depend on performance.

You nestled yourself in our hearts, so quickly, so naturally.  From your ninety-two year old great-grand-mother across the miles to your “big” sister across the room, there are generations ready to love you into life.



Your new life, it is  filled with hope, and dreams, and birthdays to come, and future laughter and giggles. Play cars and first real cars and trucks and motorcycles. Scraped knees and trophies and little league wins and defeats. The meaning of life, and ice cream and laundry and theological discussions. Diplomas. Weddings. Babies to love and cherish, new lives filled with hope, and dreams, and birthdays to come…

And we stand at the edge of this new generation, your great-grand-mothers and I, filled with childish wonder and the wisdom of life, purposefully stepping back and letting you take your place. Ready to cheer you on as you run your own race.



When your papa was the new life, I taught him with words, and experiences, and discipline and hugs. It was loud and fast and gloriously busy.

I make my mark on this earth more subtly now, gracefully handing down the spotlight to the one you came from, and the one you are becoming.

In the years of life lived with my God, I have learned what love is because He first loved me. He loves me in the good, and He loves me in the bad. He loves regardless. He loves because. He loves on purpose.

He loves so that we will always know that we matter. You will always know that you matter.

And the teaching is in the loving.


Feel free to join us. We are a group of women who are helping each other own our lives and play full out. Please join us here.

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  1. so true that we learn love more and better the longer we live – and so more able to pass it on. lovely heritage you are providing.


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