I have changed so much over the years.

At one point, I was absolutely convinced of one thing, and years later, I wondered how I could have ever have thought that way.

Thoughts evolve, opinions mature, experiences soften us.

But some things just are.

Absolute. Never changing.

And on those things, I can rest my soul.

In no particular order:

1. God is.

He always is. He is before this world ever was, and He is long after it will be dissolved. God is. Oh, what an amazing comfort exists in this revelation.

2. Love always makes a way.

Love may not always look the same, but it somehow  always makes a way.

3. Innocent laughter is good for the soul. 

Not the sarcastic ones, nor those that come  at the expense of others, but simple, real, gut honest laughter is one of the best medicines I know.


4. Words are powerful. 

Powerful to kill, powerful to heal, powerful to tear down and powerful to lift up. Every time I have been freed from a situation, it was with words first.

5. All that is alive must grow.

Life is never ever stagnant. It is forever characterized by growth. If we do not grow, we are slowly dying.

6. Listening is most often the key in disagreements. 

We percieve things differently, and when we practice listening intently, we begin to understand the other person, and the argument loses its steam.

7. Kindness conquers hatred.

Even when not recieved,  for the giver’s heart is safe and protected.

8. Humans are made for community.

Temporary solitude may be healthy and needed at times, but we are wired for being with each other.



9. The harvest will not be denied.

All of life truly starts with seeds, and seeds produce after their own kind. Good or bad, whatever is sown will be harvested. Just wait for it!

10 Our attitude determines our experience.

In every way that matters, we choose our experience by the attitude with which we show up in life. The worst situation is not a sentence for despair, and the best circumstances do not determine joy.

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