It takes a while, but we discover how we fit, and we become effortless, magical.

With each layer exposed, a bit more beauty emerges. With each secret shared, there is a quiet shift to deeper preciousness.

In that sacred space of commitment, words enable hearts to soar, and backs bent under the pressure of physical labor. The hands bring about passion, yet scrub greasy pans. We make room for minds to dream while breathing in the routine of everyday life.

holding hands!

The ordinary and the extraordinarty, they all braid together.

And when the uglies come to the surface, the commitment locks us safely in.

It’s like a dance, you know.

It’s like an ever evolving painting.

The plain rhythm of the habitual becomes the canvas, and we purpose varied colors and shapes. It takes on a life of its own, this painting of who we become.

And even though we tremble and bleed profusely. its strength keeps our footing steady when deadly explosions blow right within the circle of who we are.

This mystery of love all wrapped up in the plain, it makes us stunningly beautiful.

This choice to believe in each other, it makes us powerful.

This commitment, it makes us more like Him.