Overwhelmed with sadness, I get off the phone. My friend’s pain leaves a bitter, horrible taste in my heart. Why is life so hard for her? Who is to blame? How can I help?

“Cease striving,” I hear Him whisper to my heart. “I am God.”

Frustrated, I stepped off the scale. I was so good last week, and yet the number on the scale is higher than the last time. What will it take for it to go down? Why is it so hard for me to lose weight?

“Cease striving,” I hear Him whisper to my heart. “I am God.”

Exasperated with my too-full schedule, I find myself yelling at a child dear to me. His eyes welled up with big tears and I felt like scum. Why did I do that? How can I be so heartless?

“Cease striving,” I hear Him whisper to my heart. “I am God.”

Three times in one day! And I, of all people, should know that He is God. He rescued me when I was a hopeless case. He adopted me into His family, clothed me with His righteousness, called me His and keeps reminding me how much He loves me.

“I know that You are God, ” I tell Him. “But how am I supposed to cease striving? Life is hard. Stuff needs to be done. ¬†Problems need to be fixed. I’ve got to…”

The whisper comes once more, “Cease striving. I am God.”

No discourse. No explanation.


What am I supposed to do with that? How does one cease striving? How does one quiet one’s mind and heart enough to cease striving?

“Lord, show me how.”

As I worship the next few days, He fills me with the awareness of how awesome He is. And then, just like that, without any kind of work, I find myself letting go.

Since God is so awesome, He’ll take care of my friend, my weight, my stress level.

Great peace wraps itself around me. No change in the situations, but the undeniable knowledge that God is.

A week goes by and He shows me how to pray for, and speak to my sad friend.

A few days later, He shows me exactly what to do about my weight, and how to go about it. It’s been dropping ever since.

And as far as my stress, I simply don’t know where it went.

He is God indeed.