Getting Old(er)

Full of life and creativity, she still wants to make a difference, read and discuss books, taste the sweetness of love, strawberries, and the freedom of life.

But the books have become too heavy to carry, and the tastebuds aren’t what they used to be. And the freedom of life, it is limited by her legs that no longer obey what she tells them to do.

And her children, they notice the cat naps here and there and more often than not, the clean dishes that aren’t clean. And they don’t really have words, but her fragility makes them uneasy around her.

But Marie, she struggles so keep her world. And the  children, they misunderstand her.

Her home is filled with beautiful things that made her smile, but they say she will be fine without them in a resthome somewhere. She gets that she won’t go to Spain anymore, or hike long trails, or host a dinner party–but could she live still today?


And Marie, she feels trapped. The harder she fights, the more she sees that her life is indeed smaller by the day, and her future is wishful thinking.

But Marie, she doesn’t want to disappear just like that. There is still breath in her body, and thoughts in her mind, and love in her heart, and she just isn’t ready.

But the children, they can’t hear. And the harder she fights, the more difficult she is to deal with; the more they avoid her.


And her heart, it is crushed.

And their hearts, they are crushed.


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