Obedience’s Reward

I love my daily walk in the woods. It’s envigorating and refreshing. But I tend to stick with the familiar.  After this big oak tree, I turn right, and when I hit this little path, I go left. Why change what works, right?

So when the Lord beckoned me on a different path the other day, I felt a little unsettled.

“You want me to do what?” I whispered.  “Why would I do that?”

But there was no mistake–I know His voice and He knows that I do…

The going was rough, and I had to be careful where I placed my foot, one step at a time.  The path went uphill for a long, long time, and I found my breathing becoming difficult at times. Sweat poured down my face.

“Really, Lord?”


So I kept going.  Until I came to a rickety old bridge.  Not quite sure that I would make it across without falling through.

“Really, Lord?”


And then I saw it.

A breathtakingly beautiful waterfall.  A song for my soul, liquid gold for my heart.


I drank its beauty through and through.

“Wow, Lord,” I whispered.

“I know.”


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