What I did last Summer, VII

Following my tradition for the last five years, here is my what-I-did-this-summer post, year seven:

This was a summer of being challenged to the uttermost in my thinking, realizing that my life is the result of my choices, good, bad, ugly, beautiful, complicated.

Here are some of my choices this summer: I enrolled in a self-coaching program and it changed me from the inside out, I attended some growth sessions on worship in my church, I held my baby grandson Henri as often as I could, I went to a lake to celebrate Gracie’s second birthday. I bought a little house in Pittburgh that we are going to turn into an airbnb.

I hung out at the pool with my family and with special friends until late at night, I drank wine in the pool, I led two aqua exercise class in a gorgeous setting followed by a potluck with clients that have become dear friends, and had a couple of parties with other clients that are now sisters at heart. We ate and laughed and cried and life felt so tasty together.

I listened to scary audio books in the car, in my sunroom and around the fire, marveling at the author’s skill to make characters come alive so vividly.

I had lunch with my sweet friend Valerie, I hosted a breakfast for new friends and managed to bake a really nice blueberry coconut oatmeal dish, I prayed with my S.W.A.T. team every Thursday, I cried at the state of my family overseas, I shook at bit at the state of the world, and then I remembered that God is still on the throne.

I went to see a life-sized replica of the tablernacle and saw God’s glory in it.


I detoxed my brain and sensed a brand new freedom. I laughed with my hubby, talked late into the night with him, watched a new TV series with him, dreamed of a safari, began planning retirement, took huge steps in my business and wondered if I was nuts but kept going anyway.

I helped four people lose weight and smiled as I watched them gain confidence.

I went to the Children’s Museum, played blocks with Margot, reasoned with Emmaline about birthdays and princess dresses. We roasted marshmellows and got our hands all sticky. We blew bubbles and pretended we were being chased by monsters, then had popcorn for supper.


We played bumper pool and laughed until we cried.

I picked hydrangeas from my yard for the very first time. On the subject of first, I had my first ever photo shoot and I made icecream with just heavy cream and vanilla. I boated with dear friends and slept in a marina, had the best ever Bloody Mary at Joe’s Shack and watched/listened to Corn Beef Hash and Curry on Kelly’s Island.


My husband and I dismantled a grand piano.

We went to a Pirates Game and had fun even though they lost.


Most of all, I fell in love with Jesus all over again.

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