Dancing with God

The weight of weariness simply felt like too much. I knew it was time to lace up my shoes and meet Him in the meadow.

The Restorer of my soul.

It was a very windy autumn day so I grabbed a sweatshirt, just in case.  As I stepped into the field, I sensed Him loving on me. I took a deep breath, inhaling His gentle care, then I opened my mouth and whispered my love back to Him.

The Lover of my soul.

A gush of fresh wind suddenly traveled through the couple of trees to the right, and a rainbow of twirling leaves envelopped me, swaying unashamedly back and forth as they made their way down to the ground, infusing me with their joy, dancing for their Maker.


The Joy of my soul.

And I danced with them.

And God, He joined the dance with us.

God, the Romancer of my soul.


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