Giving Birth!

It was alive in me, and growing stronger every day.

58 years in the making, this “thing” that God was birthing through me.

58 years of failures and getting up, being taught and taking it in, practicing till my knees were raw, crying till my mind finally yielded… 58 years of working with the Word.

And then, God said “GO.”

And when God says “GO,” you go.

So I went.

Weeks of fleshing it out, testing it on myself and a dear friend, practicing it some more, tweaking it, crafting better words to draw a clearer picture.

Being changed in the process.

And then, God said “GO.”

And when God says “GO,” you go.

So I went and pushed the button.

And my course went live.

And no one signed up.


But that Word of God alive in me, it kept bearing witness to His Work. He kept saying to trust. To rely. To put the weight of all I am on Him. To persevere.

I got to practice my course all over again. Hour after hour. Day after day. Making sure it was the real deal.

And when God saw fit, He spoke to the first person to sign up. And then the second. And then the third.

And He reminded me that His “suddenlies” only look like “suddenlies” from the outside. Because He is forever watching out for the perfect moment to act.

It is well with my soul. Now, then, and in all that my future holds. Because He’s got the whole world in His hand. And He doesn’t make mistakes.

Wanna join our little community of women who are learning to take their thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ? You can join us here.






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