For as long as I can remember, I have been wishing to create a bookshelf out of our unusable baby grand piano, but …. we never did it.

I mean, who dismantles a baby grand? Who hangs a piano belly on their wall, right?

The desire did not even seem like a possibility. I am not particularly gifted at messing with stuff like that.

But my hubby, he loves me.

So he decided to go for it.


Crazy guy.


Oh, the beauty of daring.

I would have continued to secretly dream, but he moved forward.

It got messy. Not pretty. Challenging. Heavy. Dusty. Perplexing.

But through the project, we grew closer to one another. We grew more confident with tools. We laughed and sweated and wished we hadn’t started. We persevered.

And we did it.


If he hadn’t dared, we wouldn’t have it. It’s really that simple.

What else can we dare?


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What else can we dare?



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