Seven Things I learned in 2017

Birthdays and new years are great opportunity for an honest look back at what has been, as well as the perfect time to dream about God-empowered goals.

So… 2017 in seven revelations. Ready?

1.Multi-tasking is for the birds. 

Nobody ever multi-tasks. When I used to “multi-task,” I actually only did one thing at a time, just many of them one right after the other. And at the end, they weren’t done very well, neither was the process a lot of fun. I am choosing to do what I do fully, and be present in the moment.

2. Showing up matters, even if I don’t know what to do.

God wants me, not my knowledge. And people need people, not experts.


3. When I let go the “manual” I have for people, I love them better.

This is huge. I never realized how thick the manual is that I had for each person in my life, how selfish my expectation of their behavior was. Once I learned to let it go, I saw people in a new light, and most judgment fell off of me.

4. God has given me the responsibility of choosing my thoughts.

My thoughts are mine, and I choose them. If they do not serve me,  I am free to change them. I am not at the mercy of my thoughts, because I am their creator.

5. Eyebrow pencils are wonderful.

Enough said there.

6. I can do hard things by the grace of God.

When I think of myself needing to perform, I freeze up. When I realize that God comes alongside me, I can do anything I am called to.

7. It’s the little things.

Truly, it is.


What did YOU learn in 2017? Let’s hear it!


I would love to hear your reaction to this post.

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