Six 2018 God-empowered

Birthdays and new years are great opportunity for an honest look back at what has been, as well as the perfect time to plan God-empowered goals.

So… 2018 in six God-empowered goals. Ready?

1.2018 is for Kindness

Kindness is always the right thing. Never because it is deserved, but always because it embodies my Father, and my life must be a reflection of Him.

2.2018 is for Hope

I have many private plans that I will accomplish this year, but running through every single one of them is this simple compelling reason: I am a Hope Bearer. Whether my focus is relationship building, church building, business building, or any other kind of building, I am called to bring hope to others. Because after all, if someone like me can do it with Jesus on her side, everybody can!

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3.2018 is for Growth

I am making strategic and specific plans to grow my intimacy with God. Did you ever wonder if He has a nickname for you? I have, and I have asked Him if He does. Go ahead and do it; you might be surprised. I am taking steps to grow that kind of relationship with my Father.

4.2018 is for Listening 

To God. To people. To the lessons of life.

5.2018 is for saying “No”

As #3 and #4 are set into motion, my schedule becomes very clear, and my “no” doesn’t need to be justified. As #3 and #4 are set into motion, my flesh is beginning to scream, and my “no” keeps it where it belongs.

6.2018 is for taking Massive Action 

Because when I believe, I act.

Because when I see clearly, I cannot help but act.

Because God-empowered goals start in the heart, grow with prayer, faith and resilience, and come to fruition with massive action.

What about YOU? What are your God-empowered goals for 2018?






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