Me? No, Sir, I don’t have any Issues. You?

I mean, I have been on God’s surgery table for many, many years. And He has cut off lots and lots of stuff from my heart. And replaced it all with more of Him. He has dealt with my thoughts about money. Provision. Friendship. People. Health. Scarcity. Flesh. Me, myself and I. Future. Goals.The Word. Service. Intimacy. Pain. Humility.

You name it, He dealt with it.

So, no, I don’t have any issue. I have graduated.

th (7)

Until God pulls another layer away and reveals some pretty messed-up stuff.


“Lord, I thought we went through that already?”

“We did.”

“So, was it all for nothing?”

“Nothing is ever wasted in my Kingdom, my daughter. This was just the first step so we could move on, you and I.”

His voice is gentle, so far from condemning.

It’s like an invitation for more of Him.


And the shift from weariness to thankfulness happens in His presence.

“Yes, Lord,” is all I can whisper.



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