The Routine of Fellowship

I love my little routines. They make me feel safe; they work for me.

Some of those have been around for what seems like a life time, and I have settled into a comfortable rhythm with them.

And then, God allows the unexpected, and everything is upside down. ALl the rules change, but no one tells me what the new ones are. I cannot depend on what always worked before.

And change feels very scary.

Until I remember that change is only scary because I lost my false sense of security. Until I remember that I was never in charge of the universe.

And in the midst of the seemingly upside down moments where the very earth I am standing on shakes, I discover that some of my forever routines are instruments that God uses to keep me grounded. Like declaring His Lordship. Giving thanks. Feasting on His Word.

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In the now of my life, I find that I can’t stop the clock, and events aren’t mine to orchestrate. I don’t always have the power to say “no” to the changes that come.

But as I choose remember that He graced me to embrace the moments with joyful courage, it is well with my soul.

And in the midst of it all, my forever routines remind me of what matters. They anchor me.

I am standing on solid ground.



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