Why do You Have to Hurt Me so much?

It’s a weird question, I know, but I just have to know. Going through knee rehab PT is not for the faint of heart, let me tell you.

“How necessary is this stretching?”

“Indispensable,” she answers emphatically. “Our window of time to get your muscles to work normally is short.”

I smile weakly, take a deep breath and nod.


And the torture starts again. “You are fighting me tooth and nails,” she says.

“How am I fighting you? I don’t even know what you mean,” I reply. There is some aggravation in my voice–she ought to be thankful I let her torture me like that.

I yelp a bit, but I make good progress, and I am relieved when the session is over.

Spending time in the presence of my Father the next morning, I hear the most shocking words fill my being: “Be obedient. Lean into the pain. Yield to it.”


Be obedient.

                 Lean into the pain.

                                   Yield to it.

At that moment, none of this makes sense to my mind, but my spirit bears witness to the truth. So I simply say “yes.”

And as the day progresses, revelation increases.

Lean into the pain for the joy set before you.

Yield to the discipline of trusting Him.

Go through to the other side. Don’t stay here.

Discover peace that passes understanding.

Worship, worship, worship.

Let go of fear. God’s got this.

Feed on His faithfulness.

As the day progresses, my “yes” is building muscles.

I will be ready for my next session.





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