I Know Every Inch of Her

After our exhilarating walk in the woods, she laps what seems like gallons of water, then plops herself as close to me as possible, sticking to my skin with every inch of hers.

We are both sweaty, and tired. She breathes heavily.

“Quite a walk, wasn’t it?” I say, running my hand on her back.

“Time to settle now.”

dog kiss (1).jpg

I keep gently running my hand along her long muscular back to help her relax. I know every inch of her. And right there, below her shoulder blade, I feel a tick.

“Oh, Remi, you got another one!” I say. She looks up at me. With my eyes locked on hers, I pull it off quickly. She doesn’t even squint.

My hand continues to roam her back, and her breathing settles. She closes her eyes and within minutes falls asleep.

I love these times with her.

I love how in tune with each other we are. I love how she trusts me to take care of her, to give her the long walks she longs for, the water she yearns for, the affection she craves, the care she doesn’t even know she needs.

I love to love on her.

And I love how she expresses her love for me.

I close my eyes and listen to her steady breathing.

And at this moment, I feel like a shepherd watching over his sheep. I understand how he runs his hand over the sheep’s wool to make sure there are no unwanted lumps. I understand his need to know, to provide, and to care. I understand his awareness to the details that tell him the condition of his sheep. I understand His delight in their yieldedness.


And my heart, it overflows with gratitude to my Shepherd.

The One who runs His hand over my heart to make sure there are no unwanted lumps. The One who knows me so well, the One who delights in providing for me, the One whose care is perfect.

And I yield with delight.