21 Words


21 words for SILENCE

Getting quiet deep inside

Hearing His beautiful voice;

Settling my hectic heart

Seeing His deepest smile;

Oh the power of silence!



21 words for FRIENDSHIP

All the masks have been dropped.

We hold hands tight if needed,

We survive.

We speak truth,

and discover the beauty.


21 words for EARLY MORNINGS 

On my knees

Receiving His gift of Today

I whisper “I love you”

I listen for His Word.

For His Heart.



Looking intently into eyes,

I listen, I see.

Playing purposefully with Barbies,

I listen, I see.

Then to Jesus I go.


21 words for NAMING GRACE

His HAND extended to my Heart

His Name all over me,

My YES to His Love

My SURRENDER to His Care


21 words on Enjoying Spring

Warm sun caressing my skin

Tulip colors filling my home

My heart swells with rebirth

Yes to New Life indeed!


21 words for creating A HOME YOU LOVE


Big bucket at the door

Drop off pain, sorrow and masks

Embrace hugs, smiles, and acceptance

Dream, Laugh, and Breathe


21 words for creating FAMILY TRADITIONS

Remember when?

Anticipation, Memories, Retelling

Giggling, Secrets and Laughter.

The taste of Love

On hands, and tongues, and hearts and minds.


21 words for GRACE

Freely given

Gladly received

Sometimes Jesus with skin on

Sometimes power to obey

Always mirroring His Word

Always flowing in love



  1. Powerful 21 words on Mom!! What a great reminder that the secret is found in going to Jesus. That really hit me. Enjoyed reading these again. I’d missed some – like the recipe for a Home You Love. Loved the bucket at the outside. Thanks, girl! 🙂


  2. i ve seen jesus in my dream,
    DREAM- “i was on a morning walk with my wife, she got tired and stopped at one place, suddenly SOMEONE told me to continue my walk, and i started walking again with that person. then i saw a beautiful girl from back and nearing her i saw her face, she was my wife. again that SOMEONE told me to walk faster without seeing my wife. then i walked and reached my home and lying on the bed in india. suddenly i heard lots of voices around me, then i got up and went to my window and suddenly i was taken to the banks of lake ontario at canada and at the other end there was a large olden days boat on which i saw JESUS statue laid horizontally, and the people around me yelling on me that “This man(jesus statue) was live walking with this fellow(me)”. i was thinking in my mind that, ‘was i walking with him, then i realized that SOMEONE is JESUS himself”.
    then suddenly i woke up and saw around me, nothing was there, iam lying on my bed’
    Then i understood that some revelation there for me, but whats that. pls somebody help me. Iam confused. The only thing iam able to understand id that “i saw Jesus Christ”


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