Seeking to embrace the whole of Life with no guile, and sharing the journey with you… that’s what this blog is about!

Born and raised in Belgium, I somehow wound up in a little university town in PA with a filled with ordinary moments as I jump around leading boot camps for women, or get on my knees and call on my Father on behalf of those who suffer, or work with people to help them believe that there is a future for them, or scrub the toilets and iron shirts…

When I became an American Citizen in 2006, I opted to change my middle name to ISAAC because my life is certainly God’s laughter to the world: a messed-up, dark, backwards broken girl turned into a fulfilled, happy, purpose-driven woman of God–talk about laughing in the face of what seems impossible!

Daughter of the Living God, Wife to a wonderful man for 32 years, Mother to 4 adult children, Sister to many, Friend, Personal Trainer, Weight Management Consultant, Motivator, Writer, Lover of Life!



  1. I feel similarly with my life, Barbara! There were parts of my childhood that were very dark times, but God used it all for good, and now I’m a pretty happy adult. It gives us perspective, and I wouldn’t change anything about it.


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